Negative Hello

Recently during our magazine cover project, a classmate presented a very clever idea of not spelling something out with a material, but to leave it open.  This is a good example of that as well.  Letters are often designed with the same intention of how the character looks, as how the negative space around the character looks.  Composition as a whole.

Type Depth

This image is a good example of how type can promote depth.  Where it is supposed to be further away, the type is smaller. Where a shadow is needed, the type is closer together.  That can also be compared to how CYMK dot prints are done in the coordination of each color dot and how it appears overall. 

Bad Type is Everywhere.

I thought this poster was very interesting.  I like how the sans serif font covers the serif font, which also blends into the background.  This poster reflects the fact that if something is done right in graphic design, it often isn't noticed.  Yet as soon as an error is present, it is in fact, noticed. 

KiD CuDi - The Prayer

I thought this was absolutely fantastic.  An artist mixed colored pencil and Photoshop work to create this impressive piece based on the artist KiD CuDi (Excellent in concert, might I add...), and lyrics from his song "The Prayer".
Type-wise this piece displays the use of using the weight of type to make the words sound like they're yelling out at you.  The worthy aspects of the song are larger to give them the meaning you would feel as you listen to the song.

Apple's Don't Fall From the Tree.

I received this in a newsletter about Mark Appleyard (Pro skateboarder) making the big switch to his newest sponsor Element.  I just thought it was very funny that we were talking about altering letters in Typography, and in the top corner, the a has been switched to an apple and it works! I feel that is a perfect example of good design and type used in a commercial advertisement.  There's even unity by repetition through using the same fonts on his pro board graphics.

A Bundle of Letters

I'm not too sure where this is from, I found it on Deviant Art that an artist posted as a school project.  I feel this is a very good display of type ornamentally and effective in design.  The type displays multiple forms of placement and alignment, a good display of emphasis by size.  Theres even teh slightest amount of depth from overlapping elements in some places. I feel this composition is a fine display of the potential type can offer.

Dak Films (Project 2)

I have decided I am going to base my second project word mark on a friend's videography.  His name is Dakota Nelson, and he has been filming local skate videos and clips for the past year or so.  I'm going to base the word mark on the title Dak Films, the target market for this business would be in the 15 to 25 age range, typically skateboarders but could indirectly be artists, other videographers, and just regular teens. I just feel instead of doing a big company that it would be nice to base my project on someone working out of their talents as a service.